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Anger Management

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Our Program

  • Facilitated by a Certified Anger Management Specialist through the National Anger Management Association (NAMA)

  • 12-session program (weekly)

  • Group or individual format

  • Accepted by courts and probation officers

  • Classes are held live via Zoom

  • Also available in Spanish

  • Cost: $40 per group session; $90 per individual session. ($60 one-time registration fee.)

  • Learn about how anger affects the brain

  • Learn common causes of anger

  • ​Learn new skills to control anger and reduce angry reactions

  • ​Learn and practice new coping skills and relaxation techniques

  • ​Call or email if you have questions or for more information! ~  240-681-9452


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Many people struggle with anger. At Waters of Renewal, we help clients learn techniques and strategies that really help in daily life, so that our clients can take control of their own reactions and outcomes.

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RB, 2022 Participant

My experience with Waters of Renewal had several self reflecting and teachable moments. The class was interactive, engaging, informative and fun. It was a pleasure working with Edith and the rest of the staff. She was always very
respectful, flexible, empathetic and

JH, 2022 Participant

I feel like this program has help me control my anger and my thoughts by using different methods in any situation, conflicts or if I'm having anxiety. I learned how to control my train of thoughts and anger by taking a few breath techniques and think positive. This program i feel and see it as a little therapy session to talk about what problems I had in the past and learned different methods to use in the future. I recommend this program to others if they don't know what anger cause your brain or to your body. I want to thank this program for teaching me many i can use and teach others that's going through the same situation or just want to learn about how to control your anger and way of thinking. 

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